Nominee Services

Blackthorn Capital, through our firm Blackthorn Nominees are uniquely placed to offer nominee, trustee and administrative service to our clients.

With our expertise in tax and our relationships with legal professionals in this field, we can assist companies in managing the administrative aspects of management incentive plans, investor and shareholder reorganisation and compliance.

Gary Corcoran

CEO Advance Systems


As a business employing 75 staff in Dublin with local sales of 10M+ PA and with an office in Boston MA serving the US market, having an accountant, adviser and confidante who is available, interested, clever and knowledgeable in one entity at my side has been a real gift for us and our business over the years and that’s what we have experienced with Ann-Marie Reddy and her team at Blackthorn Capital. We have worked closely with Ann-Marie since 1994 and we have come to depend on them. They are diligent, hardworking, reliable people who take an active interest in the success of our business and the personalities within our team, Highly recommended.